Prerequisite: Level 1 Carbine | Two Full Days | $200


Tactical Carbine Level II is a two-day course which builds on Tactical Carbine I and is designed to refine the skills already learned by the student who uses his weapon in a tactical environment. We begin by going further in depth on the basics that the students learned in the previous two classes. The course then dives into advanced shooting drills utilizing realistic shooting situations. This course focuses on realistic shooting engagements, utilizing unconventional platforms and close quarters and contact shooting. This course will push your stress limit and speed limit with a carbine.


The following topics will be covered during the course:


    Conditions of readiness

    Speed and accuracy building

    Transitioning to secondary weapon Drills

    Advanced shooting positions

    Special shooting positions

    Shooting from barricades and vehicles

    Shoulder Transitions (moving weapon from strong side to weak side)

    Moving and shooting

    Adverse angles

    Linear and lateral movement

    Moving and shooting with a partner


Ammunition Requirements:

Minimum of 600 rounds of rifle ammunition, 250 rounds of pistol ammunition


Gear List:

Gear List: Pistol, holster, belt, three pistol magazines, pistol magazine holders, carbine, sling, four carbine magazines (minimum), carbine magazine holders, Tac Vets or plate carrier, wraparound clear eye protection, ear protection (Peltor style noise canceling recommended), weapons cleaning kit. Knee and elbow pads are highly recommended.


**Students must arrive with irons and optics zeroed.


*Caution: This course involves strenuous physical activity (including sprinting and awkward prone positions with a firearm in your hand) and a much higher degree of weapons handling, awareness and safety. While Intro to Tactical Carbine and Tactical Carbine Level I are prerequisites, attendance in those courses does not guarantee that a student is prepared to take this course. It will be at TAC Souths discretion to determine if a student needs additional training before attending this course.


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