Tactical Pistol Level II (CQB PISTOL)



















Prerequisite: Tactical Pistol Level 1 | Two Full Days | $200


CQB Pistol is not your standard advanced pistol course. The techniques that students will practice are based on the realities a shooter will experience when engaged in a life or death fight for survival.  Students must be able to hit the ground running and physical fitness is a definite asset when challenged by some of the more dynamic aspects of this training.


The following topics will be covered during the course:

The Tactical Pistol Level II, or CQB Pistol course, is designed to train the operator to be able to manipulate their pistol in extreme stress situations. The QCB Pistol drills are all based on real life situations that can push an operator to their breaking point. Our training is designed to teach the operator how to shoot with precision and accuracy while under extreme stress.


Ammunition Requirements:

800 rounds of pistol ammunition (approximate)


Gear List:

Pistol, holster, stiff pistol belt, three magazines (three is a minimum -- the more you can bring, the better), magazine holders, clear wraparound eye protection, ear protection, weapons cleaning kit, and hydration gea


Caution: This course involves strenuous physical activity (including sprinting and awkward prone positions with a firearm in your hand) and a much higher degree of weapons handling, awareness, and safety. While Intro to Tactical Pistol and Tactical Pistol Level I are prerequisites, attendance in those courses does not guarantee that a student is prepared to take this course. It will be at TAC Souths discretion to determine if a student needs additional training before attending this course.


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