Tactical Shotgun




















Prerequisite: None| One Full Day | $100


This course is designed to develop the foundation of combative shotgun shooting skills needed in a tactical setting. The student will exercise these skills in a variety of shooting situations. The student will gain experience and confidence and increase their skill level with their shotgun.


The following topics will be covered during the course:

    Firearms training safety rules.

    Principals of personal defense.

    Deployment methodology and concepts.

    Fundamentals review of shooting the shotgun.

    The natural action stance.

    Administrative loading and unloading the shotgun.

    Transport mode, carry mode and press checking the shotgun.

    Review use of tactical sling systems.

    Presentation from low ready, high ready, indoor ready and SUL positions.

    Combat gun-handling skills.

    Threat assessment and area scanning.

    Dominating the weapon, threat and visual areas.

    Ammunition management and reloading techniques.

    Buckshot patterning and effective distances.

    Slug techniques.

    Transition to secondary weapon system.

    Malfunction clearance drills.

    Multiple threat engagement.

    Engaging threats during continuous movement.

    Fighting with the shotgun at CQB distances.

    Drugged assailant and body armor defeating drills.

    Flash Sight Picture (FSP), Shooting

    Introduction to tactical speed shooting concepts.

    Weapon retention issues.


Ammunition Requirements:

250 bird-shot, 50 rounds of buckshot (# 4 to 000 allowed), 25 rounds of slug and 100 rounds of handgun ammunition. Semi-automatic shotguns that cannot cycle bird-shot will need 300 rounds of buckshot.


Gear List:

Note pad and pen, eye protection, ear protection, belt or duty belt with holster and magazine carriers, personal defense pistol with at least 3 magazines, 12 or 20-gauge pump action or semi-automatic shotgun with rifle sights or ghost ring sights, shotgun shell pouch and tactical sling. The tactical sling must allow the shotgun to hang freely in front of the shooter.


Recommended equipment: Shotgun shell pouch, sling swivels on front and rear of shotgun, gun-cleaning kit and gun oil / CLP.

All shotguns in this course require iron sights, preferably ghost ring sights or rifle sights. Bead sight shotguns will greatly limit the shooters ability in this class.



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